Voice Solutions

Our voice carrier provides gives end to Call Centres and Local Operators at very competitive rates, whether you are an Aggregator, CLEC, call centre or simply need to end your VoIP traffic.

Advanced Routing Logic

Very Low Prices


High Capacity Ports

High Processing

FAS Free

Conversational Traffic

Offers extraordinary quality voice courses for your conversational traffic giving high Average Call Duration and high ASR (achievement ratio). Perfect for discount operators, calling card and call shop tasks, fixed and mobile administrators.

USA Flat Rate

Our USA Flat offer is perfect for organizations which don't be able to send traffic based on NPA/NXX. We make it simple by offering over 97% of coverage at low FLAT Rate.


We offer conversational traffic around the world.

Broadcasting: Worldwide, High ASR, High quality routes, High ACD, Minimum two dismmissal levels (CLI not guaranteed).

International CLI

Routes 100% CLI guaranteed (CLI tested many times per day).

Call Center Traffic

Supports Short length end for voice traffic with an ACD (Average Call Duration) as low as 12 seconds. It's optimal for advertising and dialer traffic since there are no punishments for the low term calls. Charging is at regular intervals for USA and consistently for different nations. CLI is ensured.

USA Flat Rate ON-NET and OFF-NET

Perfect for organizations which don't be able to send traffic dependent on NPA/NXX, and the majority of their traffic going to primary cities (ON-NET) or urban and provincial territories (OFF-NET). We make it simple by covering them all at one low FLAT Rate.


It is perfect for organizations with the NPA/NXX steering abilities.

Inclusion: USA rate per code (NPA/NXX), More than 175,000 USA codes secured, On-Net and Off-Net codes, charged by Jurisdiction (Interstate, Intrastate).


Call Center Traffic offers dialer end to:

ASIA: China, India, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong kong
EUROPE: Europe
AMERICA: Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia
OCEANIA: Australia, New Zealand.

Business Use Cases

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