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Room 803, Chevalier House, 45-51 Chatham Road South,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
+852 3501 1001

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Consistent client commitment unbounded for versatile administrators and fixed
community bearers.

Our career

The Challenge
Cell operators and careers are looking for to enhance client relations and maintenance by working together with clients on their terms – not a different way.
The Transformation
Matrix assists bearers with bettering engage in with clients to upgrade life span. Given the boundaries regularly set through place and devices, our ground-breaking correspondence stage adds more choices to interface with clients on their favoured stages. Our exclusive transporter grade framework and globally allotted network ensure the nature of administration.

QR Codes

Create one of a kind codes so clients can contact you directly.

Document Sharing

Offer sight and sound substance across messaging stages.


Lift inner coordinated effort with inventive chat capacities.

Instant Messaging

Connect with your clients on their favoured stages.


Send and get one message from each well-known channel.


Send a huge number of messages every moment immediately.