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Room 803, Chevalier House, 45-51 Chatham Road South,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
+852 3501 1001

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With your customers with an effective communication channel.


SMS A2P Solutions

We are focused on giving high-quality client experience. With many years of experience SMS A2P marketplace, we’ve evolved trying out and monitoring gear that assists us to message delivery and excessive ranges of conversion rates.

Smart Routing

Routing installation standards primarily depend on a handset, Sender ID, inactivity over the route. Having customizable and adaptable directing giving a SMART Routing to our clients.

Delivery Monitoring Tools

We can use an in-house development tool for observing and tracking visitors in a real-time running test over genuine handsets in many Countries.

Conversion Rate tracking

An advanced calculation encourages us to screen delicate traffic. Simply send us your traffic and we can do all of the tracking for you.
Messaging Solutions

Get fine price and calibre quality with many networks and connections with all the important carriers around the globe. Get an access to our customized solutions in real time. Connect to us via APIs or SMPP


Short Code SMS Solutions

Utilize a devoted short code for your brand and communicate with your crowd upgrading the client experience. Utilize your customized short number to attain all your clients and supply big campaigns in record times.

Quick Integration

Utilizing our short code arrangements is simple. We have short codes accessible in many nations permitting us to have your short code prepared for use in a count of days.

Attain Massive Audiences

Using a code will permit your clients to recognize your brand with a digit number. Use a unique number to reach all of your customers.

Simple Number Recognition

Utilizing just one short number you can arrive at all your clients because of the high capacity of a short code. It's optimal on the off chance that you need to utilize a similar number for every one of your crusades.
Long Code SMS Solutions

Use Text informing arrangement through a nearby telephone number. Have customized discussions with your crowd and set 2-way discussions utilizing long codes. It's a price effective solution and a simple set up having the provider underway around the same time in numerous countries.

1. Price Savvy Solution

It’s not important to have a major spending plan to utilize our long numbers. We offer aggressive prices.

2. Chat with your clients

Interact with your clients as in case you were talking to them. Set a personalized verbal exchange using our lengthy numbers.

3. Local Number

Tell your client that you are a nearby organization. Utilizing a 10-digit sender ID your clients will believe you more.

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Banking & Finance

Superior communications assist to proficiency, consistence and client reports.


Construct and maintain customer confidence with consistent, enticing and customized communications.


Consistent client commitment unbounded for versatile administrators and fixed community bearers.