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Room 803, Chevalier House, 45-51 Chatham Road South,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
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Matrix is a team of multidisciplinary product experts focused on Green Energy, Branding, Supply Chain and IT & Telecom Services.
Trusted by over 2K+ clients across the world


The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

Telecom Services

If you are a wholesaler/reseller, OTT, or just using large volumes of email, SMS or voice you will benefit from our competitive rates, high quality, huge capacity, easy integration, and technology.

Digital Engineering

We're team of multidisciplinary digital product experts focused on Branding, UI/UX design, Mobile, and Web Development. We extend design, development and marketing departments of growing startups and SMEs.

Green Energy

We supplies commercial and residential with a range of turn-key renewable energy solutions, specialising in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems and manufacturing of our own brands of photovoltaic modules.

Import & Export

We helps businesses to do business in- or with China. We offer solutions for one-time, project based or permanent purchasing agent mission, to mediate for products or services from China. Quality checks and audits belong to our daily activities in China.
Here are 3 working steps to organize our business projects.

During the last ten years, we’ve developed an approach that results in professional, stand-out brand designs which build trust. Being focused on digital tech brands, we make sure the identity works well in the online environment and is visually consistent across all mediums. Our design process is very collaborative and requires deep involvement on both sides.

We act as an extension of product development departments within tech companies by providing remote staff augmentation. Our multidisciplinary development teams are in constant collaboration with the in-house departments and undergo many iterative improvements and full process transparency.

Requirement Analysis
Share complete product/service details, usage, target price along with requirements.
Quotation and Prototyping
Basic Prototype and Quotation for Service / Products.
Sampling and Production
Prototype and samples provide, upon confirmation Production begin.
We help SME and Enterprise companies take advantage of modern mobile technologies and cross-platform solutions to continue dominating their sectors and stand out on the market.

Our company offers a comprehensive and wide range of web application development services to businesses seeking increased brand identity visibility, digital innovation, customer engagement, and high return on investment metrics.

Once our company dives into the development process of your digital project, we carefully examine each of your requirements. Thus, we can suggest what may work best for your digital project case.

To be fair, in the current and advanced technological age, almost every single company that exists does need a website. On the contrary, the web application may be relevant for certain startups and enterprises that specifically aim for the designated target audience with a high number of active users. However, most companies or start ups from different industries need two core requirements: the digital aspect of their product and its accessibility.

“I would highly recommend them if you are building your new brand, they are very technical and experienced to help you at every level of it's creation and sales support.”

“As an e-commerce seller, the team at MATRIX has helped us a lot in identifying the right product at the right price, and making sure that it reaches us in time, every time!”

“I would highly recommend them if you are building your new brand, they are very technical and experienced to help you at every level of it's creation and sales support.”


MAPL is a leading consultancy company based in Hongkong and specializing in providing Turn-Key Solutions for Small to Large projects for IT and Telecoms, Branding, Product Design and Manufacturing, Sourcing, Supply Chain, and Renewable Energy including Funding, Manufacturing (Solar Panels, Batteries, Inverters, etc.), Installation and Maintenance.